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Refugee Women Connect, previously known as MRANG, is a women-only charity set up to support women asylum-seekers, refugees and survivors of trafficking. We work together to build a safe life in the UK for all women in the asylum seeker and refugee community.

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Author: Yoann Van Nuwenborg

Latest News

  • New volunteer opportunity - Tik Tok Volunteer

    We are looking for a natural visual storyteller to strengthen our social media content and help share key messages in an engaging way. Read more

  • Refugee Women Connect's response to the New Plan

    At Refugee Women Connect we have grave concerns about the Government’s proposed New Plan for Immigration which is likely to cause additional hardship and suffering to women and gender non-conforming people seeking asylum in the UK. Read our response. Read more


  • Creating a Coping Strategy Toolbox - August, 2021

    Our monthly wellbeing calendar will be starting August 1st, and we are hoping that staff, supporters, and service users will be able to join us and share with us on how the activities are going on Instagram. This month's theme is 'Active' August, and we want to highlight that 'active' means different things to each of us. Read more

  • Maternal mental health in the asylum-seeker and refugee community Q&A

    The maternal mental health needs of asylum seeking and refugee women are particularly complex. As part of Refugee Week 2021, we collaborated with the Maternal Mental Health Alliance to highlight the specialised care and support required by this group of women. Read more


  • @Refugee_Women

    Many of our new arrivals had lots of questions from healthcare queries to whether they would be able to have a bank…

  • @Refugee_Women

    RT @Genderintell: Happy #BiVisibilityDay 💗💜💙! Today, and every day, we celebrate the diversity of bisexual people and their experienc…

  • @Refugee_Women

    Calling all Tik Tokers! We are still recruiting for a Tik Tok volunteer to help us launch our own Refugee Women C…