Creating a Coping Strategy Toolbox - August, 2021

Our monthly wellbeing calendar will be starting August 1st, and we are hoping that staff, supporters, and service users will be able to join us and share with us on how the activities are going on Instagram. This month's theme is 'Active' August, and we want to highlight that 'active' means different things to each of us. Read more

Charity Pot Party at Lush to celebrate Refugee Week 2021

Among our many celebrations and activities for Refugee Week 2021, we were delighted to hold a Charity Pot Party in the flagship Lush store in Liverpool. Read more

Reflections from the annual gathering of the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Hear from a member of our Advocacy Group as they share their thoughts on the recent United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) annual gathering. Read more

Maternal Mental Health

In celebration of Refugee Week we collaborated on a Twitter Q&A with Maternal Mental Health Alliance to draw attention to the needs of asylum seeking and refugee women. Read more