2020 has been an incredibly hard year for everyone, but as is often the way in times of crisis, the most vulnerable people in our society are often the worst affected. During lockdown, three quarters of the women in our community have gone hungry or been unable to feed their children, a fifth have been homeless, and the vast majority have said that their mental health has been worsened.

By donating to the Refugee Women Connect Christmas Gifts campaign, you will receive a beautiful Certificate of Donation (perfect for putting into a Christmas card for a loved one!) confirming what your donation could cover.

We are offering certificates for:

  • Nappies for one refugee baby for one week - £10

  • An isolation pack of essential cleaning products & toiletries to support a vulnerable woman isolating due to the Covid-19 Pandemic - £10

  • A phone top-up to allow an asylum-seeking woman to access essential services - £10

  • A 1:1 information session, with an interpreter, to help an asylum-seeking woman understand the asylum process and prepare effectively for her Home Office interview - £25

  • 10 public transport travel tickets to enable women to be able to access vital health support services - £50

  • Six urgent phone check ins with our most vulnerable women and families to make sure they are safe and have all the support they need - £50

  • Weekly 1:1 mental health and wellbeing support for a month for a woman recovering from trauma - £100

  • Group English lessons to support 4 asylum-seeking women learning English for a 1 month course - £100

Please click the Donate button to make your selection, and we'll send you your Certificate of Donation by email. 

All donations received through the Christmas Gifts campaign will go straight to Refugee Women Connect so that we can continue our vital services supporting women in the refugee and asylum seeking communities. Depending on the precise needs of our service users, you donation may be used to provide help and support outside of that specified on your e-voucher. This may include the practical support provided by our Outreach team, the emotional support provided by our Mental Health team, and the core costs needed to keep Refugee Women Connect running. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions. Thank you.