I Am. We Are.


A collective poem written by service users and staff within the Mental Health Team.


I am


the moment I recognised

my despair,


the healing started to take place.


I am


a mum, a woman, a sister, a daughter, a




I am




I am


time. The element that weighs down my


heart is loneliness.


I am


patient with myself.


I know the only way out is through.


Healing is a process,


but one voice is not enough.


We are


a group of women,


supporting each other to


make once dark spaces light again.


This is our healing power.


We are


allowing ourselves to dream again.


We clear our minds,


take deep breaths,


find quiet moments.


We keep moving.


We are


noticing the world around us.


We see that some of our dreams are already becoming a reality,


and we walk towards the peace that is already there inside of us.


We know that love can conquer all,


so we learn to love ourselves.


We are here, together. We are joy.