“If Compassion Exists…”

A collective poem written by women being supported by the Mental Health Team and Rachel Jenkins (MH & Wellbeing Manager)


Some days, it feels like if compassion exists, it’s not on this planet.

Maybe somewhere, but not here.

Not here,

where large ships are used to keep people seeking sanctuary from ever walking on this land.

Not here,

where the people in charge deny our basic human rights,

treat us like criminals,

and make us feel like nothing.


Some days, it feels like even self-compassion is impossible.

“I don’t think I have compassion…”

“If I did I would not have…”

“I would be able to…”

“If I was…”

The If’s and I’s become so big, that it feels impossible to remember the truth about compassion.


The truth about compassion is,

It exists within us, but it takes time to grow.

When we are alone and tired,

self-compassion is something we can do for ourselves.

In time, compassion for others and ourselves feels good,

because compassion comes from love.


A loving heart is a choice in this life, especially after enduring so much pain.

Learning to have compassion gives us a meaningful life,

It allows us to go back to the If’s and the I’s and say,

It’s ok that I have made mistakes.

I am learning to love myself.

I learn to honour the good,

I learn to accept the bad,

and to give myself the space to change, slowly.”


Compassion even has the miraculous power to save people.

So, when it feels like there’s no more point in trying,

self-compassion can be used to save yourself,

to look forward to a better future,

and to arouse compassion through everyday actions.

Talking to a friend, asking for support, doing chores, going outside, making the bed…

Taking any small step to put yourself first and give yourself grace,

This helps you to have a free mind.


Compassion exists,

but we must remember to seek it out.

And if we can embrace it,

compassion will shine through and bring better things into our own lives,

like the peace and love that we all deserve.

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