Earlier this month we joined in with the Together with Refugees day of action to call for an end to the Rwanda scheme and stand in solidarity with those fighting against it. We partnered with illustrator Imogen Joyce and asked her to produce images for the campaign. Each illustration represents women who attend the protests.

We'd love for you to use these images as a way of sharing your support for the #StopRwanda campaign and show that we stand together to say REFUGEES ARE WELCOME HERE.

We are starting a new blog series called 'Meet the artist'. We will be featuring a selection of different artists and creative people we've been able to partner with, and we are also excited to feature the talented women artists who attend our art group and drop-ins as part of 'Empowering Women with Art' workshops.

Meet the Artist - Imogen Joyce 


Hello! Can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Imogen! I am an illustrator, designer and storyteller. I’ve recently graduated from the visual communication course at Leeds Arts University. My work is often inspired by nature and aims to share important stories and positive messages. 

How did you get involved with Refugee Women Connect?

I first worked with RWC as part of an internship I was a part of with Mindless Academy. I worked as a content creator and produced a series of articles and accompanying illustrations for a series of topics. 

Mindless Academy | Imogen Joyce | Leeds Arts University (leeds-art.ac.uk)

Can you tell us a little about a project you’ve done which has been significant to you?

One of my favourite projects was designing a board game for children. The aim was to encourage children to play outside so I designed a game in the style of a fold out picnic blanket. 

The women at Refugee Women Connect really enjoy learning new techniques and using different mediums, what is your favourite medium to use?

I quite simply love working with a pencil and paper! I find it quite soothing as I spend a lot of time perfecting work on a computer, it is nice to use a medium that is a lot freer and requires a more experimental technique. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring artists and illustrators?

I would say to keep pursuing your goals! And don’t be afraid to experiment with lots of styles and mediums! 

Do you have a website where we can look at your work?



Instagram: @imejoyce.art