As part of our Refugee Week celebrations we held an Q&A with the Early Action Team over on our Instagram stories. If you missed it, you can catch up on the questions here!

What exactly is Early Action?


How can women get help from the EA team?


Why do women asylum seekers need support from charities?


Do you do anything to make the wider community aware of the challenges asylum seekers face?


Hello, my name is Comfort.

È n lè o, orukò mi ni Comfort

I'm part of the Early Action team at Refugee Women Connect.

As part of RWC, we have a group of women who are trained advocates and they are women with lived experience of the asylum system and use their voice to advocate for other women.

We believe in empowering women and having their voices heard.

The women also raise awareness of the challenges and propose solutions for how this should be changed in order for women and children can feel safe. We have done some campaigning and spoken in parliament for changes in the asylum system.

As an organisation we believe that women with lived experience should be at the forefront of decision making and given the opportunity to take up lead roles, speak to individuals in authority as it is a journey they have travelled.

The women of Refugee Women Connect are determined to see changes in the system whereby every woman seeking sanctuary in the UK will feel safe and not criminalised.

What is the most difficult part of your job? And the best bit?


Hello my name is Fatmeh

مرحباً أسمي فاطمة

In fact I’m not even sure that I would say the work is difficult, but if I had to say which part is the most difficult, I would probably answer that it is in making sure that I can deliver for our service users. They come to us with needs and expectations, and when we cannot answer all questions, or meet every need, That’s where the tension is, for me, in this work.

The best part of my job is when I see our women happy, smiling and satisfied with what we are doing to support them . In Refugee Women Contact we are working from our heart to support Refugee and Asylum Seekers .

How is healing relevant to your work?