15th June 2020

The theme of Refugee Week 2020 is 'imagine'. Our Advocacy Group has come together to 'imagine a world without...'. Each team member has chosen an injustice that refugee and asylum-seeking women may experience that they would like to see removed to create a safe and fair world. The group presents their work below through a series of socially distanced photographs.

I’m choosing to imagine a world without racism because across the world right now there are lots of differences and inequalities between Black and White people. Some White people like to discriminate against us and make us feel like we are nothing. I want to talk about racism more because it needs to stop. Although our skin is different colours we are all the same and we need to be treated equally.

I choose this injustice because I experience destitution. When you are destitute you are at risk, you are without an identity, you have nothing. A world without destitution would be a better world with peace and with hope.

Imagining a world without racism is important to me because I am a Black woman. There is a long history of racism in the world, our ancestors were slaves. I have children now and still racism is an issue. It is very difficult for us as Black people, it creates challenging situations for us. That is why I am ‘imagining’ a world without racism.

I choose the injustices of violence and domestic abuse because they are happening a lot in Albania. I would like to see to the world without these things so that it is a better and safer world for our children.

I choose to imagine a world without racism because Black people are marginalised in society and we don’t have a right to speak out.

I am a woman from an Arab African country that faces discrimination every day, everywhere. An example of this is in my own house where man are perceived as being better than women. It also happens in workplaces where they prefer to employ men over women and there are higher salaries for males. There is also discrimination in relationships. Men can be abusive and violent but because they are men this behaviour is accepted, their attitudes are accepted. There is also discrimination between tribes in my country of Sudan. Tribal confrontations are a big problem. For example if you are from the South of Sudan, you cannot marry someone from the North and vice versa. People with lighter skin tones are treated better than people with darker skin tones. Even young girls are trying to lighten their skin by using creams and having injections. We are not all perceived as equal. We need to fight against all forms of discrimination where ever we find it whether it’s in politics, our tribes or our relationships. We have to talk about this everywhere; in our mosques, in our churches, on our social media platforms so that everyone can be made aware and can join us in this fight. Although we are different colours we are all the same inside and that is why I choose to imagine a world without discrimination.

I am choosing to imagine a world without modern slavery because it just has to stop. In many countries women are not respected and we don’t have rights. It becomes more than just dangerous for women, we become simply objects. Modern slavery is something that is with you your whole life and that is why I am choosing to imagine and hope for a world without it.

I choose to imagine a world without racism because l see and hear that there is a lot of racism all across the world. l want this to stop because we are all the same. l think that no one should be judged because of the colour of their skin, religion or that what language they speak because we are all the same. End racism. I also choose to imagine a world without domestic abuse because in all countries across the world there is abuse against young girls women and we must take very strong measures to stop this. Abuse is wrong and although it can be very difficult to talk about you’re never alone. Please do not be silent, protect yourself and stay strong. End domestic abuse.