16th June 2020

For Day Two of our Refugee Week actions we are showcasing our wondering Art Support Group. Established in line with the belief that women should be able to access wellbeing support in a format that best suits them, our Art Support Group is part of our wider Mental Health and Wellbeing programme. We come together in a creative space that encourages peer support to enhance mental wellbeing. We set weekly tasks in which members are encouraged to share photographs they have taken or present pieces of their own artwork. Like many services we have moved to virtual platforms in recent weeks to ensure that our members have continued access to wellbeing support. 

A selection of the group's work

Today are working with our group members and asking them to imagine a different world...what would it look like? What would be different? How would it make you feel? 

We’ll be using the ideas our members have come up as a starting point for our  Live Art session which will be held tomorrow and we'll be show casing their work later this week so keep your eyes on our blog!