19th June 2020

We've spent the last week celebrating and recognising the multitude of ways refugee and asylum seeking women contribute to our communities whilst raising awareness of the injustices such women experience. 

Our Women's Advocacy Group created a series of photographs to raise awareness of the injustices refugee and asylum women across the UK experience. The Group also attend Liverpool's Migrant Voice Open Forum where they discussed issues surrounding legal aid and the legal process of asylum. 

Our Art Support Group imagined a different world and depicted what that would look like through a keyhole.

And our Outreach community shared their talents through song... 

We feel very privileged to work with such amazing women. In spite of the many injustices and structural challenges they face they continue to show society all the fantastic ways refugees and asylum seekers contribute and enhance our society through sisterhood and determination.

We'd like to close the week by sharing a video of our colleague Comfort who explains how you can support the women of Refugee Women Connect.

If you would like to support the work Refugee Women Connect does you can donate to our campaign here. Your kind donation will allow us to continue offering direct services and advocacy to refugee and asylum seeking women. We thank you for your support and hope you have enjoyed the work of our women this Refugee Week!