Stories through stitching - Featuring the stories

These talented women have used their new found and pre-existing abilities to create beautiful garments, utilising fashion design and needlework as a platform for storytelling. Read more

'Stories through stitching'

On International Women’s Day we hosted a special exhibition featuring a stunning collection of artwork and fashion pieces created by the women of Refugee Women Connect. Read more

Q&A for World Mental Health Awareness Day

Join us for a Q&A to celebrate World Mental Health Awareness Day! Read more

The importance of considering mental health support throughout our services.

At Refugee Women Connect, we strive to understand the women that we work with in their entirety. For us, this often means taking into consideration that people are less likely to be able to discuss or focus on their mental health if their basic rights are not taken care of. We therefore have to consider that the strand of mental health must run through every service we provide when working with women and their families, in order to support people with all of their needs. Read more

“If Compassion Exists…”

This year the theme of Refugee Week is Compassion. Read the poem “If Compassion Exists…” written by women being supported by the Mental Health Team and Rachel Jenkins (MH & Wellbeing Manager). Read more

Matanda's Blog: Why Pride is important to LGBTQ+ asylum-seeking women

Expert by Experience, Matanda shares her thoughts on why Pride is important to LGBTQ+ asylum-seeking women. Read more