The best way to get help is to attend one of our drop-ins. All our drop-ins are a women-only safe space.  At the drop-ins, there are refreshments, including a meal, opportunities to meet other women, get help and support from staff, volunteers and some other organisations that attend. Children are always welcome and we have toys for them to play with.

When you attend our drop-in we will explain the different ways that we can support you.  This could be by offering you help finding a solicitor, making a phone call, interpreting a letter or providing you with someone who can attend an appointment with you.

At drop-in, we can also support you if you are feeling upset, anxious or sad. This may be through talking to another woman or one of our emotional support volunteers. Or you might like to take part in an activity which makes you feel better, such as art or singing.

If you are pregnant or have recently had a baby you can join our support group for women who are pregnant or have a child under one. This is a smaller group where you can get lots of useful advice and support. There are many other ways we can help and support you and as we are connected with lots of other organisations we can help connect you to them too.

We want to help all women be as informed as possible about the things that affect them. Refugee Women Connect runs workshops, activities and classes which will provide you with information on a range of topics. To find out about these please check the reception desk at each drop-in or speak to a staff member or volunteer. When you register at Refugee Women Connect you will also get access to our online information hub which has lots of useful resources.