5th December 

A daily bus ticket costs around £5.

For women in the asylum system, their £6.77 per day income means that they have to make some very difficult decisions.

If I need to get the bus today, will I have enough money for food? I really need shoes because it’s getting cold and I only have flipflops, but can I afford £4 for trainers from a charity shop?

People in the asylum system can wait years and years for a decision on their claim, and they are forced to live in poverty without the right to work to improve their situation.

They rely on charities like Refugee Women Connect to fill the gaps.

Refugee Women Connect offers a place for women to meet, socialise and receive peer support at our weekly drop-ins and we pay for bus tickets so that women don’t have to spend their £6.77 daily asylum support on a bus ticket instead of food.

This December, help us to continue supporting refugee women in the North West. Every donation, big or small, can make a huge difference to asylum seeking and refugee women in our community. 

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