Yesterday we took a small group of women from our Art group to see 'Identity' at the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool.

We then headed to the café for a great discussion about the artwork, how it made us feel and themes for our next project.

"Artwork makes me feel at the same time special and equal from all other humans.

Special because each personality and identity is different, equal because at the end we are all humans with the same rights."


We have so many talented artists and creatives at Refugee Women Connect and we're really excited to see how we can bring their ideas together to work collaboratively. 

If you'd like to see what the Art group have done previously take a look below: 

Artwork by RWC to feature in a new exhibition

Celebrating the work of our art group

The art sessions make a huge difference to the women we work with, helping improve mental health, reduce social isolation and giving them an opportunity to learn new skills and be creative.

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