SistersNotStrangers Conference

Fri 16th Feb at 2-5pm
The Quaker Meeting House, Liverpool

Join us for a powerful event of connection and collaboration as SistersNotStrangers comes to Liverpool for an afternoon conference! 

This event is a unique opportunity to meet members of our coalition, particularly those working with asylum seekers, refugees, or individuals with lived experiences.

SistersNotStrangers is a UK-based coalition dedicated to supporting asylum-seeking and refugee women. It is made of 7 groups: The Women’s Group (Swansea), DEWA (Sheffield), Women for Refugee Women (London), CARAG (Coventry), Refugee Women Connect (Liverpool), Women Seeking Asylum Together (Manchester), Women With Hope (Birmingham).

Our mission is to campaign against destitution and other inhumane policies affecting women seeking safety in the UK. SistersNotStrangers envision a world where these women are seen as sisters, not strangers – as women, neighbours, mothers, colleagues, and activists.

During this conference, we will delve into the theme "WHO WE ARE," sharing our collective experiences and the impactful work we've done to raise awareness of the challenges faced by those in the asylum system. As women with lived experiences, we aim to expand our reach, inviting more organisations to know about us, stand in solidarity, and join us in advocating for change.

The event will feature live music, poetry, and personal stories from individuals who have lived through the asylum system. It's an opportunity for networking, collaboration, and fostering connections with like-minded individuals and partners. 

Join us in building a stronger coalition and making a positive impact in the lives of asylum-seeking and refugee women. Together, we can create a world where every woman is recognised as a sister, not a stranger.

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