Trying something new in 2023? Get involved with Refugee Women Connect! 

 As we get into the swing of the new year, the headlines we're seeing about the experiences of asylum seekers in the UK are causing distress and anger for many people. From deportations to Rwanda to missing children under the care of the government, the injustice and discrimination faced by people seeking sanctuary is simply unconscionable. 


If you're feeling anger about the cruelty and neglect of the UK government towards refugees and asylum seekers, you can take action to make a real difference for women and children in the Refugee Women Connect community. We're urgently in need of fundraising support, so we can continue our essential work providing practical and mental health support for asylum seeking women and families. Whether it's taking on a challenge to raise sponsorship money, or joining our amazing team of community fundraising volunteers, your actions can have a massive impact!


Here's what some of our #fantasticfundraisers have to say about their experience with Refugee Women Connect.


"Fundraising for RWC has been such a fulfilling experience for me. I’ve met wonderful people in my community who care about the same issues as I do. By hosting fundraising events, we’re able to raise money for refugee women and bring the community together. I’m excited for all the amazing fundraising events we plan to have in Edinburgh this year!" - Clarissa Fisher, Edinburgh 


"I have absolutely loved the opportunity to be the team leader for the Refugee Women Connect for the Liverpool student fundraising group. I have been able to meet likeminded and eager individuals and have had so much fun organising and participating in our fundraiser pub quizzes, raffles and art exhibitions. It's been so fulfilling to help raise money for a charity I truly care about and help change the lives of so many women." - Stephanie Barney, Liverpool


"I've been fundraising with Refugee Women Connect since summer last year and it's been such a rewarding experience so far! I've met a lovely group of women from around Manchester who all have the same passion to make a difference to the lives of refugee women in the UK. We've organised art exhibitions, music and poetry nights, which not only have raised £1000s for the charity, but have also been a great way to showcase local talent and bring our friends together to have fun. I've felt so supported by the RWC staff and has been so easy to organise events with their help. It's great to know that our efforts contribute towards making life easier for women seeking refuge by offering them the emotional, financial and practical support they need." - Penny Meek, Manchester


All the money raised by our incredible community fundraisers makes a tremendous difference in the lives of Refugee Women Connect service users, and we're so grateful for all their passion and dedication to social justice. 


If you too want to make a difference for women and children seeking sanctuary, please just email [email protected] to have an informal chat with one of our team members about how you can get involved with fundraising. We strive to make fundraising a fun and rewarding experience for all of our supporters, and we'll work closely with you to help you turn your passion into tangible results. Absolutely no experience needed - what matters more is your enthusiasm and compassion for those who are looking to build a safe life in the UK. 


Get in touch. Take action. Make a difference.