In September we began our new project which focuses on fashion design and sewing workshops. Many of the women who attend our drop-in are very skilled in sewing, embroidery and beadwork so, we're giving them the opportunity to design their own outfits for an exhibition next year!

Alongside the workshops we'll be visiting art galleries and exhibitions to inspire and encourage the women in their own creative practices. 

Earlier this month, we took a group of have women who attend our Fashion Design and Sewing Workshops to Manchester. We attended the exhibition Unpicking Couture at Manchester Art Gallery to get inspiration for our current project.

The women enjoyed making notes, doing drawings and taking photographs of their favourite outfits. 


"The trip was amazing and joyful, thank you Bex and RWC for all the beautiful time we had there."

"Thank you Bex, Julie and everyone else its been a beautiful day together, Really enjoyed."