6th April 2020

My life has changed a lot since the COVID-19 pandemic started. It’s very hard because we see on the news that a lot of people are dying and they don’t have access to medicine they need. I worry about my children in my home country because we hear rumours that many will die in Africa. I don’t want to lose them but when this virus comes no one knows how to stop it. This is a painful fear.

Staying home is very hard because normally I go to different charities and I volunteer. Before COVID-19 I would take my medicine for depression every other day, but now I have to take it almost every day just so I can go to sleep at night and stop the thoughts in my mind. I have to take my medicine to help myself. I miss the groups I normally take part in and I hope very soon that the virus stops so we can all be together again.

I am scared to go out because of COVID-19. I don’t know where the virus is. We have stay home to protect ourselves and save other people’s lives. We see on the news what happens to families when their family members die and it is horrible. It is very painful and very sad. We don’t know what god has planned for us so all we can do it be careful and wash our hands. I hope that god will protect us and stop this virus soon so people can have their normal lives again. I always pray for everyone. I would like to thank all the key workers and the doctors who are helping us now, they are risking their lives for us and I am grateful.